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Arturo Siles
Prior to joining HKBL, Arturo was a seasoned diplomat who had extensive foreign service experience. Not only is he fluent in five languages, he is also very familiar with the people, culture and business practices in four continents. At HKBL, Arturo spearheads all Latin American initiatives.

Y.L. (Richard) Shen
Richard, an Accredited LEED Professional and a board certified architect, is responsible for HKBL's finance and operations. He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and B.Arch. from Illinois Institute of Technology.

Dennis Mak
Dennis has over 25 years of experience in recycling. His forte is in acquisition and logistics. He is a true globetrotter because he logs over half a million miles per year. Dennis holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Illinois Institute of Technology.

Carol Schmidt
Carol is HKBL's chief scientist. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Illinois and has done graduate works in environmental engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Fannie Ng
Fannie is the logistics manager for HKBL. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Illinois University.