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Established in 1982 as Makco Int'l Inc., HKBL has a long history of providing cost-effective solutions to our clients in the environmental area. We specialize in reusing metals, plastics, and paper products. When recycling is not feasible, we will develop the best solutions in waste disposal according to governmental standards and regulations.

Because we are also an end-user of most of the materials we handle, our clients always reap substantial benefits by not having to deal with brokers and other middlemen. With offices and plants in the Far East and North America, HKBL's vast logistical experience enables us to respond to our clients' needs in the most expeditious manner.

In order to provide our clients with the most advanced and economical solutions, HKBL is one of few recycling organizations that have an in-house Research & Development department. HKBL's research concentrates in developing optimal mixes of plastic materials in the manufacturing of consumer products.